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Ark Naturals Neem Protect Shampoo

Ark Naturals Neem Protect Shampoo - Biosense Clinic
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Natural, safe, and eco-friendly. Botanicals gently shampoo dirt, oil and sebum from pet's coats. Non-drying. Low-sudsing. Smells great!

Neem "Product" TM Shampoo

  • Contains environmentally friendly and safe botanical./li>
  • The Neem tree is native to India, SE Asia and Africa.
  • Scientific studies have found neem and citronella plants contain compounds that have wound healing properties.
    • These compounds are smoothing to wounds, open sores, insect bites and dry skin coats.
  • NO: pyrethrins, synthetic pyrethroids, permethrin, or sodium laurel sulfate - all of which can be potentially harmful to pets and humnans.
  • Gentle to your pet's coat.
  • Use both products together for maximum benefit.

Neem "Protect" TM Shampoo is especially useful for cleaning dirt, oil, and sebum from all types of mammal coats - including but not limited to dogs, cats and horses.

Active Ingredients:

Neem Oil. NO sodium laurel sulfate.

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