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BiosenseClinical Magnesium Relaxation Therapy

BiosenseClinical Magnesium Relaxation Therapy - Biosense Clinic
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A Powerful Muscle Relaxant & Instant Tense Reliever


  • Premium Magnesium Chloride from Dead Sea (Natural Source)
  • Instantly relieves sore muscles and joints
  • Helps to detox at cellular level and tissue purification
  • Quick absorption and non-greasy
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps to relieve muscle tightness related to stress
  • Ideal as relaxation treatment after workout
  • Helps to reduce inflammation
  • Cooling and relax sensation after use
  • Can be used as a massage lotion
  • Organic essential oils to help with relaxation and muscle soreness
  • Organic plant oils provide additional benefits for skin

Active Ingredient:

Premium Magnesium Chloride (Natural)

  • High quality magnesium salt harvested from the Dead Sea water
  • Relaxes tight and sore muscles instantly

Other ingredients highlights:


  • Helps to relieve pain


  • Helps to relieve pain and inflammation

Pure Essential Oils

Lavender Essential Oils

Peppermint Essential Oils

Spearmint Essential Oils

  • Help to relieve muscle soreness and tension
  • Help to relax muscle and reduce muscle spasm

Organic shea butter

  • Soothes, hydrates your skin

Jojoba oil

  • Helps to soften and moisturize skin

Organic Macadamia oil

  • Infuses skin with moisture
  • Firms skin and reduces wrinkle formation

Organic Avocado oil

  • Helps to reduce skin inflammation
  • Helps to boost collagen production

Organic olive oil

  • Helps to relieve itch and irritated skin
  • Contains vitamin E, antioxidant, fight against photo aging

Organic sunflower oil

  • Has anti-inflammatory properties


Massage to sore or tense area(s) twice daily or as needed


Store below 30℃

Keep out of reach of children


For external use only

Avoid using on face area

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