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pHion Probiotic Blend

pHion Probiotic Blend - Biosense Clinic
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pHion Probiotic Blend

A Probiotic is “friendly bacteria” that supports a healthy digestive tract. Our unique patent-pending manufacturing process ensures that the fragile, living bacteria bypass strong stomach acids and eventually colonize the intestines. 

Probiotics ensure that good bacteria live and thrive in your intestines. pHion’s Probiotics Blend is comprised of a formula of 7 strains of intestinal flora that protect and support a healthy you. Gastric Acid Bypass (GAB™) technology is utilized to protect the live bacteria. They’re super protected so that they can work their magic once they are ingested.

Probiotics are live, single cell, microscopic bacteria that are beneficial for the body. While they are most commonly associated with gastrointestinal health, research and practice has demonstrated the potential for probiotics in the field of immunology and study of allergies.

5 billion living beneficial bacteria to aid and promote a healthy gut

  • GAB™ technology ensures survival through the stomach
  • Extended shelf life and stability
  • 5 billion live bacteria per serving
  • Formulated with 7 strains of intestinal flora
  • Promotes digestive system pH balance
  • Refrigeration not required
  • Easy to swallow tablets

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