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How to prevent kidney stones?

kidney kidney stones

One of the most common kidney conditions is nephrolithiasis (also commonly known as kidney stones). It is an extremely painful experience. Men have a greater risk than women in developing kidney stones – around 4 times as many. 1 out of 10 people will develop kidney stones in his/her lifetime.

What are the risk factors for developing kidney stones?

How to prevent from getting kidney stones?

Supplements that help to reduce the risk of getting kidney stones:


  • helps to prevent calcium from binding with oxalate to form stone

Vitamin B’s

  • Help to prevent kidney stones

Apple cider vinegar

  • Helps to alkalinize our body to prevent uric acid causes damage to kidneys

Organic superfoods and greens

  • helps to alkalinize our body and maintain a balanced pH. This also helps to prevent kidney stones.

Be proactive to protect your kidney today!


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