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Good ‘bugs’ promote weight loss

gut health probiotics weight loss

GProbiotics (good bacteria) has been a hot and popular topic. Gut health has been show to be directly related to mental health, immune health, respiratory health and more.

Clinical evidences has demonstrated probiotics help to promote weight loss and healthy weight. A group of 125 overweight men and women were put on a 12-week weight loss diet and then followed by another 12-week period targeting to maintain their weight. Clinical study results indicated that the women group who were on probiotics lost an average of 4.4kg (almost 10 pounds) vs 2.6kg (about 6 pounds) in the placebo group (not on probiotics). Then the probiotic group further lost an average of 2.6kg after the first 12 weeks.

How to select Probiotics?

The probiotics should be a multi-strain formulation and is viable (live) at time of ingesting and able to sustain the high acidity of our stomach and the high bile salts content in our gut.

It should also be stable at room temperature. The presence of prebiotics (food that feeds the probiotics) would be ideal in the formulation.

Bio-Kult & Bio-Kult Infantis VitaAid Supreme-PB30+ DF Our Biosense Clinic Team recommends Bio-Kult and Vitaaid Supreme PB30+ DF probiotics. Both brands consist of multiple strains that have been scientifically proven for their viability and stability against high acidity level in the stomach and high bile salt content in our gut. Both guarantee the minimum of live bacteria per capsule. They all passed the room temperature stability test. Vitaaid also provides prebiotic in the formulation that further improve shelf lives of probiotic and establishment in the gut. Bio-kult offers formulations specifically designed for both infants and adults.

References:, British J Nutr., 2 Dec. 2013

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