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How to Protect Your Lungs from Diseases?

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How to protect your lungs?

1. Stop smoking 
2. Avoid exposure to pollutants 
3. Healthy eating: 

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Fruit and nut
  • Complex carbohydrates
  • Reduce intake of simple and processed carbs: rice, potato, white bread
  • Fish
  • Eat good protein
  • Eat good oil
  • Enough fiber intake

4. Drink adequate amount of water 
5. Maintain a healthy weight 
6. Optimal level of nutritional supplementation

Nutrients that protect our lungs

1. Vitamin C

  • 5 studies to show how it can prevent pneumonia
  • Protects lung cells

2. Vitamin E

  • Protects lung function when you age
  • Fat soluble: prevents chronic inflammation caused by free radicals
  • Protects airways and lung tissue

3. Vitamin D

  • Deficiency linked to asthma, COPD or lung infection associated inflammation and reduction of lung function

4. Vitamin A, ß-carotene

  • Boosts immune system
  • Increases risk of lung infection
  • Assists lungs to detox

5. Resveratrol

  • 2004 study: reduces inflammation, speeds up repairing of lung cells

6. Green tea

  • Study shows that it may protect lung cells from damage from smokers


Minerals that protect our lungs

1. Zinc

  • Strengthens immune system

2. Selenium

  • Helps lung to detox

3. Calcium

  • Essential for normal cellular function
  • Important for contraction and relaxation of lung tissues and airways

4. Magnesium

  • Low level in people with asthma
  • Balances the electric transmission of nerve
  • Important for relaxation of airways and lung tissue


Other antioxidants that protect our lungs

1. Grape seed extract

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Animal study: improves lung sac structure and capillary obstruction
  • Helps to increase the elasticity of capillaries

2. Omega 3 fatty acids

  • Reduce inflammation, repair cells
  • A healthy oil
3. Coenzyme Q10
  • Low level in asthma sufferers
  • Most powerful antioxidant inside the cell

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