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Methylation- A Key to Detox

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Detox has been one of the hot health topics these days. Liver is a critical organ in detoxifying various different types of toxins that we inhaled and ingested every day. There are 2 phases of the detox pathway in which methylation is a main pathway involving in phase 2 of the whole process. Our liver uses methylation to convert toxins into water soluble substances to facilitate the excretion of toxins. Folate, methionine, vitamin B12, and B6, betaine are the methyl-donor nutrients.Food sources of methyl- donor: citrus fruits, green leaf vegetables (e.g.  arugula, brussels sprouts, broccoli), fish, and eggs.

Today’s stressful lifestyle, along with diet composed of processed food, simple carbs, sugar, and environmental pollution together overloaded the methylation process. Even eating a healthy diet is hard to get enough methyl groups in our system. Therefore, supplementing with adequate amount of methyl groups in addition to healthy eating can provide comprehensive support for the methylation cycle.

Our clinical team recommended professional brand VitaAid Methyl-Aide

VitaAid Methyl-Aide is a comprehensive and unique formula developed by providing the active methy-donors (5-methylfolate, methyl-B12, betaine), essential vitamins minerals and taurine to support collateral pathways (i.e. Copper, magnesium, molybdenum, zinc, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6) of methylation cycle.

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