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Take care of your hair from outside in

hair hair and scalp Take care of your hair

What do we need from outside in to feed our hair and scalp?

Scalp is our hair bed that requires proper care and nourishment for healthy and beautiful hair. Scalp and hair care are important to prevent flaky, itchy, oily or scaly scalp, hair loss, and breakage.

Here are some of the ingredients that are beneficial to scalp and hair health:

Essential fatty acids

Good fats moisturize the scalp and strengthen the hair shaft. They also help to prevent hair loss and add luster to hair.

Essential oils like rosemary, lavender, peppermint, and spearmint are good for promoting hair growth, good for dermatitis, eczema, and dandruff.

Sodium PCA helps to make hair shine and bounce

Panthenol enhances the appearance and feel of hair, improves the texture of damaged hair.

Argan oil helps to repair dry and damaged hair. Argan oil can be or has been incorporated into shampoo or conditioner.

For hair damaged from perms, straightening, color and other chemical processes or to repair split ends and dry hair, you can apply argan oil to hair and scalp while it is still damp. Or it can also be applied to dry ends after hair is dry.

Don't forget to avoid harsh chemicals in your hair products (e.g. sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and artificial colors)

PureFresh shampoo and conditioner are safe and effective nutraceuticals to promote hair and scalp health. Reviive is another clean and effective option.

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