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REFRESH PLUS 0.5% EYE DROPS - Biosense Clinic
$20.86 $62.58 % OFF
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For All Contact Lenses / Sensitive Eyes

  • Refresh Plus 0.5% comes with 30 single-use containers (0.4ml each).
  • Refresh Plus is the number 1 selling eye drop.
  • Immediate, long-lasting relief plus protection.
  • Preservative-Free Vials for sensitive eyes.

Many things can make your eyes feel dry, scratchy, burning or uncomfortable. Air conditioners or heater. Computer use. Reading. Some medications. Wind. Or a reduction in the amount of tears your body produces - tears which help to lubricate and nourish your eyes. REFRESH PLUS® Lubricant Eye Drops restores the moisture your eyes crave with a special formula that has some of the same healthy qualities as natural tears.

Since REFRESH PLUS® is preservative-free, it also avoids the potential irritation to your eyes caused by the preservatives found in bottled eye drops. So you can apply REFRESH PLUS® Lubricant eye Drops as often as necessary without the risk of preservative -induced irritation

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