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Cosmetic and Skincare Ingredients Questionable for Human Application

cosmetic ingredient skincare

Pregnancy is a time when woman should focus more on the quality of products. If you haven’t been paying attention to what you’re putting on your face and body, just remember that your choice now influences the safety of your unborn child.

During pregnancy, you may find that your skin becomes more sensitive so it’s best to avoid potentially irritating and drying ingredients which can be found in products which are alcohol based and highly perfumed.

Here is a NON comprehensive list of ingredients that studies have shown to be questionable for human application. Remember, if it’s not safe for non-pregnant woman then it’s of course NOT safe for a pregnant woman.


  • parabens and other formaldehyde donor preservatives
  • chemical sunscreens (minerals: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide(non-nanosized) are preferred)
  • artificial colour (mineral based colour contain larger particles which are not absorbed)
  • artificial fragrance (known irritants)
  • PEG
  • propylene glycol
  • sodium laureth sulphate/SLS foaming agents (known irritant)
  • phthalates


Phthalates are solvents and fragrance additives. They are often not listed on labels as only the label “fragrance” or “parfum” is required and not the individual constituents of a fragrance. They are added to artificial fragrance to make the scent last longer. They are also used in hairsprays to make hair more bouncy and less stiff. There have been findings that exposure to phthalates during pregnancy can cause male infertility and ADHD in children.

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