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Essential oils and sleep

Essential oils Sleep

Many of you likely are familiar with aromatherapy can help us to relax and enhance sleep. Which essential oils can help to improve sleep or help with insomnia?

Diffusing essential oil like lavender promotes relaxation, lifts mood, calms down the nervous system and improves sleep quality.

Vetiver also can relieve nervousness. Valerian is an herb made from the root that also possesses anti-anxiety property.

Tangerine oil (citrus family) is well known for its antiseptic and antifungal properties. In addition to this, it can also be used as a relaxing and calming agent to reduce tension and anxiety.

All these oils work well together for those who suffer from the sleep disorder. Diffusing individual oil or blends of oil are ways to enhance sleep. Taking melatonin supplement (sleep hormone) and/ or other herbal supplement containing chamomile extract, wild jujube extract helps to promote sleep and calm the mind. Taking therapeutic grade essential oils infused melatonin supplement would also be an effective way of coping with sleeping problem.

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